The Baton Rouge Area Foundation is among more than 700 community foundation across the United States.

At the Foundation, we work to improve the quality of life for people across South Louisiana and the world. We do so in three ways. The Foundation: 

> Helps philanthropists change the world by connecting them with capable nonprofits.

> Undertakes projects for civic good, such as revitalization of cities, education reform and coastal issues.

> Supports local nonprofits with strategic consulting services so they can have a greater impact.

After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Foundation raised more than $45 million for relief, using the money at first on immediate needs, such as food and supplies; and, in the longer term, to build more resilient communities across South Louisiana. 

Our work is only possible because of the generosity of our fund donors, who open charitable funds; and members, who underwrite our projects. 

The Foundation provides all services needed by fund donors, from managing assets on their behalf to ensuring their grants produce great returns for the community.